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Tallahassee city, Florida

Tallahassee city, Florida
Nickname(s):Tally, The 850
- Total:181.376 (2010)
- Density:1.795,8/sq mi (697,6/sq km)
Area code(s):850
Time zone:EST (UTC-5)
Summer Time zone:EDT (UTC-4)
- Total:104 sq mi (269 sq km)
- Land:101 sq mi (260 sq km)
- Water:4 sq mi (9 sq km)
- % water:3,35 %

Quick information summary of the Tallahassee city area.

Tallahassee city is located in the state of Florida. It occupies the area of 104 square miles. 4 square miles are water areas and 101 square miles remain for land areas. Center of the Tallahassee city lies at +30.4551091, -084.2534191 coordinates. According to the 2010 Census, there are 181.376 living in the Tallahassee city. The racial makeup shows these 3 races as the most frequent : White (57.43%), Black or African American (35%) and Asian (3.67%). Median age is 26 for the males and 27 for the females.

Tallahassee is the capital city of Florida and the county seat of Leon County. With a population of 181,376 it is only the seventh largest city in Florida. The city occupies 103.5 square miles and belongs to the Eastern Standard Time Zone (UTC-5).

Some of the commonly used nicknames of Tallahassee are “Tally” and “The 850” (850 is the area code used in the city) and the official city motto is “Florida’s Capital City.”

Tallahassee is the economic and cultural center of the Florida Panhandle, an unofficial region in the northwestern part of the state.

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Statistical data for the Tallahassee city based on the 2010 U.S. Census

Racial makeup

White alone
104,17157.43 %
Black or African American alone
63,47535.00 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
4430.24 %
Asian alone
6,6533.67 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
1000.06 %
Some Other Race alone
2,3611.30 %
Two or More races
4,1732.30 %

Profile of the Tallahassee city

History of Tallahassee

The name Tallahassee derives from a Muskogean word meaning “old fields.” The Apalachee tribes had a town called Anhaica in the area of the present-day Tallahassee. In the winter of 1538 members of Hernando de Soto expedition arrived to the town and celebrated what is now believed to be the first Christmas in the United States. Throughout the 17th century, many missions were established in the territory of the Apalachee. The main purpose of the missions was to provide labor and supplies for St. Augustine colony. Tallahassee was chosen as the capital of Florida because it was situated at equal distances from the capitals of Spanish colonies of East Florida and West Florida. At the time, Tallahassee was abandoned and the third legislative session of Florida (the first one to be held in Tallahassee) was actually held in a simple log building. This was in 1824. Afterwards, during Florida’s territorial era, Tallahassee began growing and developing into a proper town. A new capitol was built in 1845. The building is today known as “the Old Capitol” since it was replaced in 1970 by a modern high rise building.

Tallahassee was the center of the Cotton Belt and a major slave trade center. It was the only Confederate capital that was not captured by the Union forces during the American Civil War. In the 19th century the city started establishing itself as an important university town with the foundation of the first institutions of the future Florida State University.

After the Civil War, most of the Florida economy moved to southern and eastern regions of the state. The abolition of slavery greatly affected the cotton and tobacco-based economy and the city shifted to other products, mainly citrus, lumber and cattle, as well as tourism and naval stores. The former plantations were purchased by wealthy northerners who used them as hunting preserves.

Tallahassee remained a small southern town until the 1950s. Most of its economy relied on education and government. In 1960s there was a lot of talk about moving the capital to Orlando but Tallahassee remained the state capital and its status was permanently confirmed in 1977 with the construction of the new capitol building, the third-tallest one in the USA.

The city was in the center of international attention for several weeks during the 2000 presidential elections that involved certain controversies and a long process of counting and recounting the ballots.

Tallahassee Geography and Climate

Tallahassee is located in the southern portion of the Red Hills Region, above Cody Sharp, and its area is much hillier than the rest of the state. There are two lake basins within the city limits - Lake Jackson and Lake Lafayette. The northern boundary of the Apalachicola National Forest is located just outside the city. The climate in Tallahassee is humid subtropical. The summers are long and hot and the winters are mild and short.


As of 2010, the population of Tallahassee consists of 57.4% Whites, 35% Blacks, 6.3% Hispanics or Latinos, 3.7% Asians, 0.2% Native Americans, 0.1% Pacific Islanders, 2.3% of two or more races and 1.3% of some other race. The residents of Leon County (including Tallahassee) are the most highly educated in Florida.

Politically, Tallahassee was always a traditionally Democratic city, also well-known for left-wing activism, which is rare in the South.

Tallahassee Economy

As for the economy, like in many other state capitals in the USA, state government is the largest employer in Tallahassee. In addition, the city is considered to be the agricultural and trading center of the Florida Panhandle. High-tech and manufacture industry are currently growing very fast. In addition to state government and institutions of higher education, the largest employers in Tallahassee include General Dynamics Land Systems, Municipal Code Corporation, Florida Bar, Florida Chamber of Commerce and the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

Education and Culture

The largest and the most important institution of higher education in Tallahassee is the Florida State University, the flagship university of the State University System of Florida. Florida State consists of 15 colleges and 39 centers, labs and facilities. Other large schools in the city include Tallahassee Community College and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

Tallahassee hosts a number of annual events and festivals, such as Tallahassee Wine and Food Festival, Greek Food Festival, Springtime Tallahassee, Southern Shakespeare Festival and Downtown Getdown. Some of the places of interest for locals and tourists include Tallahassee Antique Car Museum, Florida Museum of History, Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park, Young Actors Theatre, Mary Brogan Museum or Art and Science and Goodwood Museum and Gardens.

Some of the music groups that hail from Tallahassee include Creed, Dead Prez, Mira and Look Mexico. “Tallahassee” is also the name of the critically acclaimed album by The Mountain Goats.

Transportation in Tallahassee

Tallahassee is served by the Tallahassee Commercial Airport and Tallahassee Regional Airport (currently being considered for the status of an international airport). Mass transit in the city is provided by the StarMetro, greyhound and Nova 2010.

Amtrak’s Sunset Limited line used to stop in Tallahassee but was discontinued after the Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The main freight line in the city is provided by CSX.

As for the road transportation, Tallahassee has one interstate highway passing through (I-10) and there are also three U.S. routes and three state roads.

Statistical data for the Tallahassee city

Data Source : US Census Bureau

Racial makeup

White alone
104,17157.43 %
Black or African American alone
63,47535.00 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
4430.24 %
Asian alone
6,6533.67 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
1000.06 %
Some Other Race alone
2,3611.30 %
Two or More races
4,1732.30 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin

Not Hispanic or Latino
170,03093.74 %
Hispanic or Latino
11,3466.26 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin by Race

Not Hispanic or Latino
170,03093.74 %
White alone
96,75356.90 %
Black or African American alone
62,53836.78 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
3810.22 %
Asian alone
6,5663.86 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
880.05 %
Some Other Race alone
3730.22 %
Two or More races
3,3311.96 %
Hispanic or Latino
11,3466.26 %
White alone
7,41865.38 %
Black or African American alone
9378.26 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
620.55 %
Asian alone
870.77 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
120.11 %
Some Other Race alone
1,98817.52 %
Two or More races
8427.42 %

Median Age by Sex

Both sexes

Household Type

Family households
34,63946.30 %
Husband-wife family
20,76159.94 %
Other family
13,87840.06 %
Male householder, no wife present
3,07122.13 %
Female householder, no husband present
10,80777.87 %
Nonfamily households
40,17653.70 %
Householder living alone
25,50663.49 %
Householder not living alone
14,67036.51 %

Geographical and Cultural Features and Landmarks in the Tallahassee city - including Historical Features

Distance is calculated from the Tallahassee city center coordinates

Distance limit:

Random list of Geographic Features located within the radius of 3 miles from the Tallahassee city center


  • Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Heliport [0.46 mi] [0.75 km]


  • State Library of Florida [2.04 mi] [3.29 km]
  • Robert Manning Strozier Library - Florida State Univ ersity [2.42 mi] [3.89 km]
  • Tallahassee City Fire Department Station 1 [1.8 mi] [2.9 km]
  • Governors Mansion [1.78 mi] [2.87 km]
  • Select Specialty Hospital [0.46 mi] [0.74 km]
  • Leon County Emergency Medical Services [0.81 mi] [1.3 km]


  • Old City Cemetery [2.17 mi] [3.49 km]
  • Tallahassee Memory Gardens [1.79 mi] [2.89 km]
  • Oakland Cemetery [1.94 mi] [3.12 km]


  • Tallahassee Division (historical) [2.56 mi] [4.13 km]


  • Westside Church of Christ [3.61 mi] [5.8 km]
  • University Episcopal Church [2.6 mi] [4.19 km]
  • John Wesley United Methodist Church [2.68 mi] [4.31 km]
  • Calvary Church [4.16 mi] [6.7 km]
  • Baptist Church First [1.97 mi] [3.17 km]
  • Copeland Street Pentecostal Holiness Church [2.45 mi] [3.94 km]
  • First Baptist Church [1.93 mi] [3.1 km]
  • First Presbyterian Church [1.2 mi] [1.94 km]
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church [3.53 mi] [5.68 km]
  • Miracle Haven Church [1.88 mi] [3.03 km]
  • Bethel Missionary Baptist Church [2.03 mi] [3.27 km]
  • Westminster Church [3.54 mi] [5.7 km]
  • Saint Johns Church [1.77 mi] [2.84 km]
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints [3.43 mi] [5.51 km]
  • Henry L Porter Evangelistic Association [1.88 mi] [3.03 km]
  • United Church in Tallahassee [1 mi] [1.61 km]
  • Saint Thomas More Chapel [2.68 mi] [4.32 km]
  • University Heights Church [3.36 mi] [5.41 km]
  • University Heights Baptist Church [3.39 mi] [5.46 km]
  • Church of Christ-Call Street [3.06 mi] [4.93 km]
  • Co-Cathedral of Saint Thomas More [2.5 mi] [4.02 km]
  • Tallahassee Heights United Methodist Church [0.81 mi] [1.31 km]
  • Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church [2.4 mi] [3.86 km]
  • Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church [1.2 mi] [1.93 km]
  • Church of God of Prophecy [3.12 mi] [5.02 km]
  • Florida Tallahassee Mission Church [2.63 mi] [4.23 km]
  • Salvation Army Church [2.38 mi] [3.83 km]
  • Immanuel Baptist Church [0.44 mi] [0.71 km]
  • Campus Crusade for Christ [2.37 mi] [3.81 km]
  • Church of Christ-University [1.55 mi] [2.49 km]
  • Northside Baptist Church [1.04 mi] [1.68 km]
  • First Church of Nazarene [0.4 mi] [0.64 km]
  • The First Christian Church [3.51 mi] [5.66 km]
  • Holy Comforter Episcopal Church [0.37 mi] [0.6 km]
  • Evangel Assembly of God Church [2.44 mi] [3.93 km]
  • Episcopal Church of Saint John [1.7 mi] [2.73 km]
  • Episcopal Church Holy Comforter [0.32 mi] [0.51 km]
  • Griffin Chapel Primitive Baptist Church [2.94 mi] [4.73 km]
  • Calvary Church [1.66 mi] [2.68 km]
  • Lakeview Baptist Church [1.79 mi] [2.88 km]
  • First Church of the Open Bible [0.74 mi] [1.19 km]
  • Greek Orthodox Church Holy Mother of God [0.9 mi] [1.45 km]
  • Catholic Church of Blessed Sacrament [0.57 mi] [0.91 km]
  • Tallahassee Heights Church [1.64 mi] [2.63 km]
  • Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship [2.56 mi] [4.12 km]
  • First Assembly of God Church [1.23 mi] [1.98 km]
  • Forest Heights Church [3.02 mi] [4.85 km]
  • Pentecostal Holiness Church Conference of Florida [1.76 mi] [2.84 km]


  • City of Tallahassee [0.05 mi] [0.08 km]


  • Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare [0.51 mi] [0.82 km]
  • Memorial Hospital [0.5 mi] [0.8 km]
  • HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Tallahassee [1.02 mi] [1.64 km]
  • Edwards Hospital [0.65 mi] [1.04 km]


  • Lake Ella [1.6 mi] [2.57 km]
  • Buck Lake [3.18 mi] [5.12 km]


  • Westwood Shopping Center [4.04 mi] [6.5 km]
  • Varsity Shopping Center [3.63 mi] [5.85 km]
  • San Luis De Talimali [3.99 mi] [6.42 km]
  • Towne South Shopping Center [3.58 mi] [5.76 km]
  • University Plaza [3.44 mi] [5.54 km]
  • Capital Center [0.64 mi] [1.03 km]
  • Register Junction [1.64 mi] [2.64 km]


  • Govenors Park [1.14 mi] [1.84 km]
  • Tom Brown Park [2.36 mi] [3.8 km]
  • Lee Park [2.05 mi] [3.29 km]
  • Lafayette Park [1.28 mi] [2.07 km]
  • Chittenden Park [0.68 mi] [1.09 km]
  • Los Robles Park [1.37 mi] [2.2 km]
  • Levy Park [2.28 mi] [3.68 km]
  • Winthrop Park [1.02 mi] [1.65 km]

Populated Place

  • Perkins [1.85 mi] [2.98 km]


  • Piney Z Lake [3.76 mi] [6.04 km]


  • Florida State University [2.5 mi] [4.02 km]
  • Florida High School [3.18 mi] [5.11 km]
  • Leon High School [1.46 mi] [2.35 km]
  • Trinity Catholic School [1.17 mi] [1.88 km]
  • Lincoln School [2.08 mi] [3.34 km]
  • Blessed Sacrament School [1.15 mi] [1.84 km]
  • Cobb Junior High School [0.87 mi] [1.4 km]
  • Holy Comforter Episcopal Day School [0.83 mi] [1.34 km]
  • Sullivan School [0.76 mi] [1.22 km]
  • Griffin Junior High School [2.56 mi] [4.12 km]
  • Riley School [3.18 mi] [5.12 km]
  • Godby School [3.77 mi] [6.07 km]
  • Ruediger School [2.15 mi] [3.46 km]
  • Raa Junior High School [2.02 mi] [3.25 km]


  • WTAL-AM (Tallahassee) [1.14 mi] [1.84 km]
  • WVFS-FM (Tallahassee) [2.5 mi] [4.02 km]
  • WTMG-FM (Tallahassee) [2.89 mi] [4.65 km]

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City Alias ZIP Codes
TallahasseeCenterville32309, 32317, 32308
TallahasseeFl State Lot32395
TallahasseeFl State Univ Student32313
TallahasseeFlorida A & M32307
TallahasseeFlorida A And M University32307
TallahasseeFlorida State32313
TallahasseeFlorida State Lottery32395
TallahasseeFlorida State Univ Admin32306
TallahasseeFlorida State University32313, 32306
TallahasseeState Of Florida32399
TallahasseeTallahassee32395, 32318, 32316, 32315, 32314, 32399, 32317, 32313, 32302, 32303, 32304, 32305, 32306, 32307, 32308, 32309, 32310, 32311, 32312, 32301

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