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Springfield city, Illinois

Springfield city, Illinois
Nickname(s):Flower City
Founded:April 10, 1821
Incorporated:April 2, 1832
- Total:116.250 (2010)
- Density:1.937,5/sq mi (750,0/sq km)
Time zone:CST (UTC−6)
Summer Time zone:CDT (UTC−5)
- Total:67 sq mi (172 sq km)
- Land:60 sq mi (155 sq km)
- Water:7 sq mi (17 sq km)
- % water:9,88 %

Quick information summary of the Springfield city area.

Springfield city is located in the state of Illinois. It occupies the area of 67 square miles. 7 square miles are water areas and 60 square miles remain for land areas. Center of the Springfield city lies at +39.7639077, -089.6708323 coordinates. According to the 2010 Census, there are 116.250 living in the Springfield city. The racial makeup shows these 3 races as the most frequent : White (75.78%), Black or African American (18.5%) and Two or More races (2.63%). Median age is 36 for the males and 40 for the females.

Springfield is the capital and the sixth largest city in the US state of Illinois. It is also the county seat of Sangamon County. With 116,250 inhabitants, it is the largest city in Central Illinois. Springfield occupies 60.3 square miles and lies in the Central Time Zone (UTC-6).

Because there are at least 28 other cities and towns named Springfield, this one is usually called Springfield, IL, to avoid confusion. Springfield is probably best known for being Abraham Lincoln’s residence for more than 20 years and it is also his final resting place.

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Statistical data for the Springfield city based on the 2010 U.S. Census

Racial makeup

White alone
88,09275.78 %
Black or African American alone
21,51018.50 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
2390.21 %
Asian alone
2,5552.20 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
250.02 %
Some Other Race alone
7660.66 %
Two or More races
3,0632.63 %

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Population break-up based on Counties and Subdivisions in the area

Counties Subdivisions
County (whole county) Springfield city part within the County Subdivision (whole subdivision) Springfield city part within the Subdivision
Sangamon County 197.465- Springfield city part116.250
Capital township 115.756- Springfield city part115.756
Curran township 1.586- Springfield city part0
Gardner township 4.245- Springfield city part0
Springfield township 6.245- Springfield city part481
Woodside township 11.447- Springfield city part13

Profile of the Springfield city

History of Springfield

Before becoming an actual city, Springfield was inhabited by trappers and fur traders who lived and travelled along the Sangamon River. The first permanent settlement consisted of a single cabin that John Kelly built in 1820. At the time, Springfield was actually called Calhoun. The area was fertile and favorable for both agriculture and trade, and in 1821 it became the seat of the Sangamon County. In 1832, the town changed name to Springfield, after the city in Massachusetts, which, at the time, was known for its booming economy and good living standards. The first capital of Illinois was actually Kaskaskia, from the foundation of the Illinois Territory in 1809 to the statehood in 1819. The capital then moved to Vandalia, until 1939, when Springfield became the third and permanent capital of Illinois.

Abraham Lincoln first came to Springfield in 1831, but settled there permanently only in 1837. He made Springfield his home for the next 24 years, working as a politician and a lawyer, before becoming president and leaving for Washington. At the time, Springfield had roughly 10,000 inhabitants.

Springfield was the political, financial and logistical center in the region during the Civil War. New industries and railroads were built to meet the Army needs. After the war, coal mining emerged as a new large industry for the city. The State Capitol was completed in 1887 and it hosted most of the offices until the Centennial Building was finished in 1923.

The first decade of the 20th century was marked by continuous growth and prosperity, however the most notable event of the decade was the Springfield Race Riot of 1908. The initial spark for the riot was the alleged rape of a white woman committed by a black man and also a murder of a white man, also by a black. The white residents of the city, who were probably already enraged by the increasing corruption in the city, started riots that lasted for three whole days and culminated in lynching of two blacks and killing of four whites by black homeowners.

In 2006, Springfield was hit by two EF2 tornadoes that caused $150 million worth of property damage and injured 24 people.

In 2007, Barack Obama, who was the senator of Illinois at the time, announced his run for the presidential elections in Springfield, in front of the Old State Capitol building.

Springfield Geography and Climate

Springfield is located in Central Illinois, in the Lower Illinois River Basin, part of the Till Plain. The city is mostly flat, except for the outskirts towards the Sangamon River, which are hilly. The largest utility structure in the city is the artificial Lake Springfield, created in 1930 by the City Water, Light and Power company. The lake provides drinking water, cooling water for a power plant and also serves as a popular recreational area for the locals and visitors.

The climate in Springfield is humid continental, with hot and humid summers and cold, snowy winters. The city is prone to tornadoes and was hit hard on several occasions (most notably in 1957 and in 2006).

Springfield has at least twenty official neighborhoods and the city proper is based on a grid street system.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2010 the racial and ethnic makeup in the city was 75.8% White, 18.5% African American or Black, 2.2% Asian, 2% Hispanic or Latino, 0.2% American Indian and Alaska Native and 2.3% two or more races. The same year, the median household income was $39,338 and the city per capita income was $23,324.


The largest employer in Springfield is the state government, followed by Memorial Medical Center, St. John’s Hospital, Springfield Public Schools, University of Illinois at Springfield, Springfield Clinic Illinois National Guard and AT&T Mobility.

Culture and Education

Most of the city attractions and major cultural institutions are centered on Abraham Lincoln: the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, the Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site, the Lincoln Depot and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and the Old State Capitol.

Dana-Thomas house is one of the most famous “Prairie houses” by Frank Lloyd Wright. Other attractions include Washington Park, Illinois State Fair, Knights Action Water Park and Caribbean Water Park.

Springfield’s residents are known as innovators in food and cuisine. It is believed that the first corn dog on a stick was invented in Springfield, and one of the best-known local foods is the horseshoe sandwich, which is not widely available outside Central Illinois.

There are three universities in Springfield: University of Illinois at Springfield, Benedictine University of Springfield and Robert Morris University.

Springfield Transportation

The city is served by Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport, with flights to Chicago, Dallas and Fort Myers. As for the roads, I-55 runs from north to south while the I-72 (a.k.a. US 36) runs from east to west through the city area. Springfield is also one of the cities on the historic Route 66.

Passenger rail transportation is provided by Amtrak (the line between Chicago and St. Louis) and the Springfield Mass Transit District provides bus service for the residents.

Springfield Metropolitan Area has four major bike trails throughout the city proper and towards the nearby towns within the area.


Springfield does not have a major professional sports team but it is known for being the home of a number of minor league baseball franchises.

Statistical data for the Springfield city

Data Source : US Census Bureau

Racial makeup

White alone
88,09275.78 %
Black or African American alone
21,51018.50 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
2390.21 %
Asian alone
2,5552.20 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
250.02 %
Some Other Race alone
7660.66 %
Two or More races
3,0632.63 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin

Not Hispanic or Latino
113,92598.00 %
Hispanic or Latino
2,3252.00 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin by Race

Not Hispanic or Latino
113,92598.00 %
White alone
86,78176.17 %
Black or African American alone
21,34418.74 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
2050.18 %
Asian alone
2,5382.23 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
230.02 %
Some Other Race alone
2210.19 %
Two or More races
2,8132.47 %
Hispanic or Latino
2,3252.00 %
White alone
1,31156.39 %
Black or African American alone
1667.14 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
341.46 %
Asian alone
170.73 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
20.09 %
Some Other Race alone
54523.44 %
Two or More races
25010.75 %

Median Age by Sex

Both sexes

Household Type

Family households
28,48956.18 %
Husband-wife family
18,86066.20 %
Other family
9,62933.80 %
Male householder, no wife present
2,14322.26 %
Female householder, no husband present
7,48677.74 %
Nonfamily households
22,22543.82 %
Householder living alone
18,63683.85 %
Householder not living alone
3,58916.15 %

Geographical and Cultural Features and Landmarks in the Springfield city - including Historical Features

Distance is calculated from the Springfield city center coordinates

Distance limit:

Random list of Geographic Features located within the radius of 3 miles from the Springfield city center


  • Holiday Inn East Heliport [3.43 mi] [5.53 km]
  • Royal Parkway Dodge Heliport [3.56 mi] [5.72 km]
  • Illinois Department of Transportation Heliport [3.62 mi] [5.83 km]


  • Springfield Fire Department Station 2 [3.05 mi] [4.91 km]
  • Springfield Fire Department Station 12 [2.4 mi] [3.86 km]
  • Springfield Fire Department Station 9 [1.04 mi] [1.67 km]
  • Springfield Fire Department Station 6 [1.69 mi] [2.72 km]


  • Woodside United Methodist Church [2.77 mi] [4.46 km]
  • First United Methodist Church of Springfield [2.49 mi] [4.01 km]
  • Hope Presbyterian Church [1.4 mi] [2.26 km]
  • Jerome United Methodist Church [0.55 mi] [0.89 km]


  • Village of Southern View [1.17 mi] [1.88 km]
  • Sangamon County [1.12 mi] [1.8 km]
  • Village of Jerome [0.55 mi] [0.88 km]
  • City of Springfield [1.09 mi] [1.75 km]
  • City of Leland Grove [1.23 mi] [1.98 km]


  • East Lake Drive Interchange [3.47 mi] [5.58 km]


  • Spaulding Dam [3.76 mi] [6.04 km]


  • Sanger [2.72 mi] [4.37 km]
  • Laketown Shopping Center [2.31 mi] [3.71 km]
  • Capital City Shopping Center [3.23 mi] [5.2 km]
  • Southwest Plaza Shopping Center [2 mi] [3.22 km]
  • Chatham Square Shopping Center [0.75 mi] [1.2 km]
  • White Oaks Plaza Shopping Center [1.98 mi] [3.18 km]
  • White Oaks Mall Shopping Center [1.75 mi] [2.82 km]


  • Vredenburg Park [1.84 mi] [2.97 km]
  • Hobbs Park [2.02 mi] [3.25 km]
  • Bunn Park [2 mi] [3.22 km]
  • Iles Park [1.66 mi] [2.67 km]

Populated Place

  • Southlawn [2.72 mi] [4.37 km]
  • Southern View [1.02 mi] [1.64 km]
  • Coleman [0.84 mi] [1.35 km]
  • Mildred [1.95 mi] [3.13 km]
  • Jess [0.18 mi] [0.29 km]
  • Jerome [0.58 mi] [0.93 km]
  • West Grand Place [0.33 mi] [0.53 km]
  • Cody [2.86 mi] [4.61 km]
  • Iles [1.05 mi] [1.69 km]
  • Shale Bluff [3.36 mi] [5.42 km]
  • Leland Grove [1.01 mi] [1.62 km]


  • Lake Springfield [3.76 mi] [6.04 km]


  • Laketown Elementary School [2.47 mi] [3.97 km]
  • Southern View Elementary School [1.31 mi] [2.11 km]
  • Little Flower School [1.57 mi] [2.53 km]
  • Staley School [1.95 mi] [3.14 km]
  • Jefferson Elementary School [1.97 mi] [3.17 km]
  • Sandburg Elementary School [1.07 mi] [1.72 km]
  • West Grand School [0.15 mi] [0.24 km]
  • Harvard Park School [1.65 mi] [2.65 km]
  • Dodds School [0.8 mi] [1.29 km]
  • Rickard School (historical) [2.67 mi] [4.29 km]
  • Black Hawk Elementary School [0.98 mi] [1.58 km]
  • Benjamin Franklin Middle School [0.68 mi] [1.09 km]
  • Christ the King School [1.15 mi] [1.85 km]
  • Lindsey School [1.27 mi] [2.05 km]
  • Springfield Southeast High School [2.84 mi] [4.57 km]
  • Webster Elementary School [3.03 mi] [4.87 km]
  • Iles School (historical) [2.83 mi] [4.56 km]


  • WCVS-AM (Springfield) [1.06 mi] [1.71 km]
  • WFMB-FM (Springfield) [1.06 mi] [1.71 km]

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Current weather situation in the Springfield city

City Alias ZIP Codes
SpringfieldC I P S62739
SpringfieldClear Lake62707
SpringfieldDept Of Transportation62764
SpringfieldDept Public Property Cwlp62757
SpringfieldDevereux Heights62707
SpringfieldDhs Dept Of Mental Health62765
SpringfieldDrivers Lic Div62723
SpringfieldHealthcare And Family Serv62763
SpringfieldHope School62716
SpringfieldHorace Mann Ins62715
SpringfieldHwy Accident Bureau62766
SpringfieldIl Dept Reg And Educ62786
SpringfieldIll Dept Human Services62762
SpringfieldIll Dept Ins62767
SpringfieldIll Dept Public Health62761
SpringfieldIll Dept Revenue62776
SpringfieldIll Office Educ62777
SpringfieldIll R O Tax Div62796
SpringfieldIll Secy State62756
SpringfieldLeland Grove62704
SpringfieldMemorial Med Ctr62781
SpringfieldRiddle Hill62707
SpringfieldSecy Of State Vehicle Svcs62722
SpringfieldSouthern View62703
SpringfieldSpringfield62777, 62796, 62762, 62765, 62776, 62763, 62786, 62764, 62769, 62767, 62794, 62781, 62766, 62791, 62702, 62715, 62712, 62711, 62708, 62701, 62707, 62706, 62705, 62704, 62703, 62716, 62719, 62761, 62757, 62756, 62739, 62736, 62726, 62723, 62722, 62721
SpringfieldSt Johns Hospital62769
SpringfieldState Of Illinois62706
SpringfieldState Rev 338662726
SpringfieldState Rev 366762736
SpringfieldState Rev Box 354762719

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