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Lincoln city, Nebraska
Nickname(s):Star City
Incorporated:April 1, 1869
- Total:258.379 (2010)
- Density:2.870,9/sq mi (1.118,5/sq km)
Area code(s):402, 531
Time zone:CST (UTC-6)
Summer Time zone:CDT (UTC-5)
- Total:91 sq mi (235 sq km)
- Land:90 sq mi (231 sq km)
- Water:2 sq mi (4 sq km)
- % water:1,70 %

Quick information summary of the Lincoln city area.

Lincoln city is located in the state of Nebraska. It occupies the area of 91 square miles. 2 square miles are water areas and 90 square miles remain for land areas. Center of the Lincoln city lies at +40.8089574, -096.6803544 coordinates. According to the 2010 Census, there are 258.379 living in the Lincoln city. The racial makeup shows these 3 races as the most frequent : White (86.05%), Black or African American (3.8%) and Asian (3.78%). Median age is 31 for the males and 33 for the females.

Lincoln (officially, the City of Lincoln) is the capital and the second-largest city in Nebraska. It is also the seat of Lancaster County, in southeastern portion of the state. According to the 2010 Census, Lincoln has a population of 258,379.

The city occupies 90.36 square miles and lies in the Central Time Zone (UTC-6). The nickname of Lincoln is “Star City.”

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Statistical data for the Lincoln city based on the 2010 U.S. Census

Racial makeup

White alone
222,33186.05 %
Black or African American alone
9,8243.80 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
2,0730.80 %
Asian alone
9,7733.78 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
1470.06 %
Some Other Race alone
6,5692.54 %
Two or More races
7,6622.97 %

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Population break-up based on Counties and Subdivisions in the area

Counties Subdivisions
County (whole county) Lincoln city part within the County Subdivision (whole subdivision) Lincoln city part within the Subdivision
Lancaster County 285.407- Lincoln city part258.379
Lincoln city 258.379- Lincoln city part258.379

Profile of the Lincoln city

History of Lincoln

Before the arrival of the Europeans, the area of present-day Lincoln was inhabited by the Pawnee Native Americans, who mostly engaged in buffalo hunting. The first Europeans to pass through the area were the members of the Francisco Vasquez de Coronado expedition, in 1541. The French fur traders came in the early 18th century but the area experienced true growth only after it was included in the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. The Lewis and Clark expedition passed through the area in 1804. The Nebraska Territory was established in 1854 and its capital was Omaha. Lincoln was founded in 1856 as a village named Lancaster.

Even though Omaha was the territorial capital, most of the population lived south of the Platte River, in a region that seriously considered annexation to Kansas. In order to prevent that, the legislature decided to move the capital to some other place, located in the southern region. Lancaster seemed appropriate, mostly because its area had a lot of salt flats and marshes. Logically, Omaha was not pleased and tried to sabotage Lancaster by renaming it after President Lincoln. Most of the population south of the Platte River was loyal to Confederates, and it was believed that the legislature would never move the capital to a place named after the most prominent Union leader. This ploy did not work and Lancaster, now called Lincoln, became the capital as soon as Nebraska was admitted to the Union, which was on March 1, 1867. The city grew rapidly after it became the state capital. It no longer relied solely on ranching and trade, but also on state and local government.

Geography and Climate

Unlike most large cities in Nebraska, Lincoln is not located on either the Missouri River or the Platte River, the two largest rivers in the state. It was originally founded in the vicinity of Salt Creek, which flows towards the Platte River to the northeast, and in an area of saline wetlands, however over the years it outgrew its original location and today its area also includes gently rolling prairie. Lincoln is located at 1,167 feet. The city has a humid continental climate, like the rest of the eastern Nebraska (the western portion has a semi-arid climate).


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2010 Lincoln had a population of 258,379. The racial makeup in Lincoln in 2010 was 86% White, 6.3% Hispanic or Latino, 3.8% Black or African American, 3.8% Asian, 0.8% Native American, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 3% two or more races and 2.5% of some other race. The median age was 31.8.

In 2000, the median household income was $40,605 and the per capita income was $20,984.

Because it was designated as a refugee-friendly city, Lincoln welcomed a large number of refugees, especially from Vietnam, but from other countries as well. Today it is home to a number of well-integrated ethnic communities.

Economy and Business

In 2005, Lincoln was chosen by Forbes as the seventh Best Small Metro for business and careers. Since its area has always depended economically on livestock and grain production, Lincoln was developed as a distribution and wholesaling hub, which it still is today. Some of the major industries in and around the city are manufacture of locomotives, grain storage, flour milling and various manufacturing activities. State government and the University of Nebraska employ a quarter of the city’s working residents. Other sectors include banking, insurance, call centers, information technology, as well as truck and rail transport.

Some of the large national businesses that originated from Lincoln include Fort Western Stores, Nelnet, HobbyTown USA, as well as restaurant chains Valentino’s and Runza Restaurants.

Lincoln is a city with fairly low taxes and high quality services.


The city has only one school district with six traditional high schools and several special interest high schools.

The largest institution of higher education is the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the flagship campus of the University of Nebraska. The university is a member of the Big Ten Conference and is probably best known for its football team, the Nebraska Cornhuskers. In total, it has 21 teams in 14 NCAA Division I sports.

Other institutions include Nebraska Wesleyan University, Union College, Southeast Community College and BryanLGH College of Health Sciences.

Culture and Attractions

Some of the attractions in Lincoln include the Nebraska State Capitol Building, Folsom Children’s Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Antelope Park, the Kennard House and the Governor’s Mansion.

Lincoln has a thriving cultural life, with institutions such as the Lincoln Symphony, Lied Center for Performing Arts, Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company, the Nebraska Symphony Chamber Orchestra, Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, the Museum of Nebraska History, Mueller Planetarium, Great Plains Art Collection and the University of Nebraska’s State Museum’s Elephant Hall with the world’s largest fossil elephant.

Lincoln is home to several major names in popular music, such as Zager and Evans, Matthew Sweet, Remedy Drive, Bathtub Dogs, For Against and Lullaby for the Working Class.


As for the transportation, the Lincoln Airport provides daily service to Chicago, Denver and Minneapolis-St. Paul. Passenger rail service is provided by Amtrak, on the California Zephyr line from Chicago to Emeryville in California, while bus transportation is offered by Greyhound.

Major highways in and around the city include I-80, U.S. 6, U.S. 34, U.S. 77 and Nebraska Highway 2.

Statistical data for the Lincoln city

Data Source : US Census Bureau

Racial makeup

White alone
222,33186.05 %
Black or African American alone
9,8243.80 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
2,0730.80 %
Asian alone
9,7733.78 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
1470.06 %
Some Other Race alone
6,5692.54 %
Two or More races
7,6622.97 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin

Not Hispanic or Latino
242,19793.74 %
Hispanic or Latino
16,1826.26 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin by Race

Not Hispanic or Latino
242,19793.74 %
White alone
214,73988.66 %
Black or African American alone
9,5413.94 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
1,6110.67 %
Asian alone
9,7114.01 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
1280.05 %
Some Other Race alone
3530.15 %
Two or More races
6,1142.52 %
Hispanic or Latino
16,1826.26 %
White alone
7,59246.92 %
Black or African American alone
2831.75 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
4622.86 %
Asian alone
620.38 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
190.12 %
Some Other Race alone
6,21638.41 %
Two or More races
1,5489.57 %

Median Age by Sex

Both sexes

Household Type

Family households
60,30058.23 %
Husband-wife family
45,56775.57 %
Other family
14,73324.43 %
Male householder, no wife present
4,19728.49 %
Female householder, no husband present
10,53671.51 %
Nonfamily households
43,24641.77 %
Householder living alone
32,42474.98 %
Householder not living alone
10,82225.02 %

Geographical and Cultural Features and Landmarks in the Lincoln city - including Historical Features

Distance is calculated from the Lincoln city center coordinates

Distance limit:

Random list of Geographic Features located within the radius of 3 miles from the Lincoln city center


  • Bryan Memorial Hospital Heliport [1.71 mi] [2.75 km]


  • Prairie View Hematology Clinic [1.42 mi] [2.29 km]
  • Beverly Health and Rehabilitation Center [3.11 mi] [5.01 km]
  • Fairview [1.75 mi] [2.81 km]
  • Auld Recreation Center [0.96 mi] [1.54 km]
  • Lincoln Fire and Rescue Station 13 [3.7 mi] [5.95 km]
  • Anis Eye Institute [1.64 mi] [2.64 km]
  • Ear Nose and Throat Specialties Building [1.64 mi] [2.64 km]
  • Nebraska Heart Institute [1.64 mi] [2.64 km]
  • Sports Medicine Institute of Nebraska [2.94 mi] [4.72 km]
  • Clocktower Dental Center [2.83 mi] [4.55 km]
  • Lincoln Fire and Rescue Station 7 [1.69 mi] [2.73 km]
  • Lincoln Orthopaedic Center [2.63 mi] [4.23 km]
  • Fire Station Number Eleven [0.93 mi] [1.5 km]
  • American Historical Society of Germans From Russia Museum [1.72 mi] [2.76 km]
  • J J Exon Library [0.36 mi] [0.58 km]
  • Rohrs Freeman Chiropractic Clinic [0.35 mi] [0.57 km]


  • Immanuel Lutheran Church [1.77 mi] [2.84 km]
  • Calvary Lutheran Church [1.04 mi] [1.68 km]
  • Vine Congregational Church [2.68 mi] [4.32 km]
  • Christ Lutheran Church [1.47 mi] [2.36 km]
  • Antelope Park Church of the Brethren [1.15 mi] [1.85 km]
  • Second Baptist Church [2.2 mi] [3.55 km]
  • First Lutheran Church [3 mi] [4.83 km]
  • Calvary United Methodist Church [1.56 mi] [2.5 km]
  • Grace Lutheran Church [0.91 mi] [1.46 km]
  • Bethel Baptist Church [3.45 mi] [5.55 km]
  • Holy Trinity Episcopal Church [2.3 mi] [3.7 km]
  • Piedmont Park Community Church [1.6 mi] [2.57 km]
  • Crestwood Christian Church [3.74 mi] [6.02 km]
  • First Church of the Open Bible [2.61 mi] [4.21 km]
  • Unitarian Church [2.45 mi] [3.94 km]
  • Christ United Methodist Church [1.4 mi] [2.26 km]
  • Trinity United Methodist Church [1.16 mi] [1.87 km]
  • Capitol View Seventh Day Adventist Church [1.09 mi] [1.75 km]
  • Saint Tikhon Orthodox Christian Church [1.49 mi] [2.39 km]
  • Church of Thomas the Apostle [1.49 mi] [2.39 km]
  • Bethel Bible Way Apostolic Temple [3.7 mi] [5.95 km]
  • Faith Rest Bible Church [0.93 mi] [1.5 km]
  • Celebration Evangelical Episcopal Church [0.93 mi] [1.5 km]
  • Tibetan Buddhism [0.93 mi] [1.5 km]
  • Ebenezer United Church of Christ [1.66 mi] [2.67 km]
  • Quinn Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church [1.59 mi] [2.56 km]
  • Church on the Rock [0.56 mi] [0.9 km]
  • Our Saviors Lutheran Church [1.05 mi] [1.69 km]
  • Latvian Evangelical Church of Lincoln [0.61 mi] [0.98 km]
  • Saint Johns Reformed Church [0.51 mi] [0.82 km]
  • Zion Presbyterian Church [1.56 mi] [2.51 km]
  • Friedens Lutheran Church [1.77 mi] [2.85 km]
  • First Church of Christ Scientist [0.82 mi] [1.31 km]
  • First Plymouth Congregational Church [0.72 mi] [1.16 km]
  • New Life Center Church [1.07 mi] [1.73 km]
  • Apostolic Assembly Church [1.07 mi] [1.73 km]
  • Three Hierarchs Eastern Orthodox Church [1.84 mi] [2.96 km]


  • Township of Stevens Creek [3.37 mi] [5.43 km]


  • Lincoln Surgical Hospital [3.11 mi] [5.01 km]
  • Milder Manor [1.12 mi] [1.8 km]
  • Bryan Lincoln General Hospital Medical Center East [1.72 mi] [2.77 km]
  • Cardiology Clinic [1.64 mi] [2.64 km]
  • Cardiovasculaar Thoracic Surgery Center [1.64 mi] [2.64 km]
  • Bel-Air Home [0.76 mi] [1.22 km]
  • Gramercy Hill Center [2.81 mi] [4.53 km]
  • Independence House [0.93 mi] [1.5 km]
  • Providence Hospital (historical) [1.34 mi] [2.16 km]


  • Jim Ager Memorial Junior Golf Course [0.97 mi] [1.56 km]


  • Pocras Park [1.1 mi] [1.77 km]
  • Maple Lodge Park [1.26 mi] [2.02 km]
  • Peach Park [1.51 mi] [2.42 km]
  • Fairview Historical Marker [1.75 mi] [2.81 km]
  • Trendwood Park [3.56 mi] [5.74 km]
  • Roberts Park [2.09 mi] [3.37 km]
  • Sunburst Park [2.06 mi] [3.32 km]
  • Antelope Park [0.76 mi] [1.23 km]
  • Coddington and West A Park [3.66 mi] [5.89 km]
  • Breta Park [0.91 mi] [1.46 km]
  • Dan Hartog Baseball Field [3.26 mi] [5.25 km]
  • Seacrest Park [3.02 mi] [4.86 km]
  • Willard and Schroeder Park [2.67 mi] [4.29 km]
  • Folsom Childrens Zoo and Botanical Garden [0.57 mi] [0.92 km]
  • Neighbors Park [0.47 mi] [0.76 km]
  • Seacrest Field [3.25 mi] [5.22 km]
  • Piedmont Park [1.63 mi] [2.62 km]
  • Cooper Park [1.67 mi] [2.69 km]
  • Abel Park [0.86 mi] [1.38 km]
  • Seacrest West Park [2.88 mi] [4.63 km]

Populated Place

  • Harbour West Mobile Home Park [3.36 mi] [5.41 km]
  • Lincoln [0.93 mi] [1.5 km]


  • Prescott School [1.24 mi] [1.99 km]
  • Bryan Community High School [1.35 mi] [2.17 km]
  • Morley School [3 mi] [4.82 km]
  • Pius X High School [2.27 mi] [3.65 km]
  • School Number 51 [3.63 mi] [5.84 km]
  • Everett Junior High School [1.39 mi] [2.23 km]
  • Lefler School [1.53 mi] [2.46 km]
  • College of Hair Design [1.37 mi] [2.21 km]
  • Randolph School [0.81 mi] [1.3 km]
  • East High School [3.06 mi] [4.93 km]


  • Salt Creek Trail [2.43 mi] [3.91 km]
  • Trendwood Park Trail [3.56 mi] [5.74 km]
  • Seacrest Park Trail [3.02 mi] [4.86 km]

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City Alias ZIP Codes
LincolnAir Park68524
LincolnLincoln68524, 68523, 68522, 68526, 68527, 68501, 68528, 68529, 68531, 68532, 68542, 68583, 68521, 68520, 68502, 68503, 68504, 68505, 68506, 68507, 68508, 68588, 68517, 68516, 68514, 68512, 68510, 68509
LincolnPrairie Home68527
LincolnState House68509
LincolnUniv Of Nebraska E Campus68583
LincolnUniversity Of Nebraska68588
LincolnUniversity Place68504

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