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Omaha city, Nebraska
Nickname(s):Gateway to the West
Motto(s):Fortiter in Re ("Courageously in every enterprise")
- Total:408.958 (2010)
- Density:3.195,0/sq mi (1.239,3/sq km)
Area code(s):402, 531
Time zone:CST (UTC-6)
Summer Time zone:CDT (UTC-5)
- Total:132 sq mi (340 sq km)
- Land:128 sq mi (330 sq km)
- Water:4 sq mi (10 sq km)
- % water:2,94 %

Quick information summary of the Omaha city area.

Omaha city is located in the state of Nebraska. It occupies the area of 132 square miles. 4 square miles are water areas and 128 square miles remain for land areas. Center of the Omaha city lies at +41.2646751, -096.0419269 coordinates. According to the 2010 Census, there are 408.958 living in the Omaha city. The racial makeup shows these 3 races as the most frequent : White (73.07%), Black or African American (13.68%) and Some Other Race (6.89%). Median age is 33 for the males and 35 for the females.

Omaha is the largest city in the U.S. state of Nebraska and the seat of Douglas County. In 2010 it had a population of 408,958. Omaha is located on the Missouri River and together with Council Bluffs in Iowa forms the Omaha-Council Bluffs Metropolitan Area with 1,205,608 inhabitants.

Omaha is often called “Gateway to the West.” The city’s official motto is “Fortiter in Re,” which in Latin means “Courageously in Every Enterprise.”

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Statistical data for the Omaha city based on the 2010 U.S. Census

Racial makeup

White alone
298,81573.07 %
Black or African American alone
55,95013.68 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
3,3910.83 %
Asian alone
10,0142.45 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
3260.08 %
Some Other Race alone
28,1936.89 %
Two or More races
12,2693.00 %

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Population break-up based on Counties and Subdivisions in the area

Counties Subdivisions
County (whole county) Omaha city part within the County Subdivision (whole subdivision) Omaha city part within the Subdivision
Douglas County 517.110- Omaha city part408.958
Omaha city 408.958- Omaha city part408.958

Profile of the Omaha city

History of Omaha

The pioneer period in Omaha started in 1854 when speculators from the neighboring Council Bluffs founded a town and called it Omaha, which in the language of native tribes in the area meant “above all others upon a stream.” It was incorporated three years later. The construction of the terminus for the Pacific Railroad in Omaha started in 1863 and marked the beginning of the transition from a basically lawless frontier town to one of America’s largest railroad centers. Equally important for the development of Omaha was the founding of Union Stockyards in 1883, which attracted many immigrants, especially from Southern Europe. At the time the city also had over fifty brickyards. In 1898, Omaha hosted the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition with more than one million visitors. At the turn of the century, Omaha was one of the largest grain markets in the nation and most of its economy was based on agriculture, as well as on insurance.

The beginning of the 20th century in Omaha was marked by great social unrest and racial tensions. In 1909 there was a major riot that drove out almost entire Greek population out of Omaha and in 1919 a mob marched to the courthouse, burned down the building and lynched a black man who was suspected of having raped a white woman.

The foundation of Offutt Air Force Base after the Great Depression provided new boost for the city. The base is probably most famous for having constructed Enola Gay and Bockscar bombers used in the atomic bombing of Japan and today it is the headquarters of the U.S. Strategic Command.

In the 1980, the city attracted a number of telecommunications companies which replaced meatpacking sector as the Omaha’s largest employer. Omaha continued to grow and underwent several developing projects during the first decade of the 21th century, and its business environment is generally considered to be very healthy.

Geography and Climate

Omaha is located in eastern Nebraska, on the banks of the Missouri River. Like the rest of Nebraska, Omaha is located in what is sometimes called the “Heartland” of the USA. It occupies an area of 130.58 square miles, of which 3.5 miles are water.

The climate in Omaha is humid continental. Winters are cold and summers are hot, occasionally very humid, with frequent thunderstorms and occasional tornadoes.

Omaha Cityscape

The city is divided into Downtown, Midtown, North Omaha, South Omaha, West Omaha and East Omaha. West Omaha includes the historic Boys and Girls Town, as well as Regency, Miracle Hills and Gateway. Omaha also has a number of historically ethnic neighborhoods, such as Little Bohemia, Little Mexico, Greek Town and Little Italy.

Some of the historic districts in Omaha include Fort Omaha Historic Districts, Gold Coast Historic District and Omaha Quartermaster Depot Historic Center.

White flight and suburban sprawl in the city started in the 1950s and many suburbs today are gated communities or edge cities.


In 2010, Omaha had a population of 408,958. The racial makeup was 68% non-Hispanic Whites, 13.7% African Americans, 13.1% Hispanic or Latino of any race, 2.4% Asian, 0.8% Native American, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 6.9% some other race and 3% two or more races.

The median household income in 2010 was $40,006 and the per capita income for the city was $21,756.


Omaha is among the top-ten largest cities in per-capita billionaires and Fortune 500 companies. Major employers in the city include Omaha Public Schools, Alegent Health System, First Data Corporation, Methodist Health System, Mutual of Omaha, Offutt Air Force Base, West Corporation, Nebraska Medical Center and ConAgra Foods.

The city has the headquarters of five Fortune 500 companies: ConAgra Foods, Berkshire Hathaway, Union Pacific Railroad, Kiewit Corporation and Mutual of Omaha. Other major companies include the Gallup Organization, TD Ameritrade, First National Bank, Paypal, LinkedIn, HDR, Inc., Leo A. Daly and others.

Omaha is home to one of the richest people in the world, the billionaire and philanthropist Warren Buffett.

Events and Culture in Omaha

The city hosts the annual College World Series, which attracts a large number of visitors each year. The Henry Doorly Zoo, one of the best zoos in the world, and the Old Market are also very popular among tourists.

Omaha is home to the largest community theatre in the USA, the Omaha Community Playhouse. It also has a number of other theatre companies and venues, a symphonic orchestra and an opera company. Other significant cultural institutions include the Joslyn Art Museum, the Durham Museum, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, General Crook House and Great Plains National History Museum.

The city has a long tradition of rhythm and blues and of jazz and it is home of the so-called Omaha sound, with bands such as Bright Eyes, The Faint and Cursive.


Omaha has eleven colleges and universities. Some of the top ranked ones include the University of Nebraska at Omaha, the University of Nebraska College of Medicine, Creighton University, College of Saint Mary and Nebraska Methodist College.


Omaha has played a central role in the history of transportation in the USA. It was the eastern terminus of the first transcontinental railroad and by the 1950s it was served by almost every major railroad. Today, however, the primary mode of transportation around, to and from the city is by car. Main highways in Omaha include I-80, I-480, I-29, I-680 and U.S. Route 75. The primary airport in the city is Eppley Airfield.

Statistical data for the Omaha city

Data Source : US Census Bureau

Racial makeup

White alone
298,81573.07 %
Black or African American alone
55,95013.68 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
3,3910.83 %
Asian alone
10,0142.45 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
3260.08 %
Some Other Race alone
28,1936.89 %
Two or More races
12,2693.00 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin

Not Hispanic or Latino
355,40586.91 %
Hispanic or Latino
53,55313.09 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin by Race

Not Hispanic or Latino
355,40586.91 %
White alone
278,17278.27 %
Black or African American alone
55,12815.51 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
2,2630.64 %
Asian alone
9,8892.78 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
2530.07 %
Some Other Race alone
8060.23 %
Two or More races
8,8942.50 %
Hispanic or Latino
53,55313.09 %
White alone
20,64338.55 %
Black or African American alone
8221.53 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
1,1282.11 %
Asian alone
1250.23 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
730.14 %
Some Other Race alone
27,38751.14 %
Two or More races
3,3756.30 %

Median Age by Sex

Both sexes

Household Type

Family households
96,47759.32 %
Husband-wife family
66,10168.51 %
Other family
30,37631.49 %
Male householder, no wife present
8,04826.49 %
Female householder, no husband present
22,32873.51 %
Nonfamily households
66,15040.68 %
Householder living alone
52,60979.53 %
Householder not living alone
13,54120.47 %

Geographical and Cultural Features and Landmarks in the Omaha city - including Historical Features

Distance is calculated from the Omaha city center coordinates

Distance limit:

Random list of Geographic Features located within the radius of 3 miles from the Omaha city center


  • University of Nebraska Medical Center Heliport [3.35 mi] [5.38 km]


  • Plaza Dental Group PC Building [2.16 mi] [3.48 km]
  • Omaha Fire and Rescue Station 52 [2.33 mi] [3.75 km]
  • Omaha Fire and Rescue Station 34 [3.08 mi] [4.96 km]
  • Hospital Finance Pavilion [3.55 mi] [5.71 km]
  • Shackleford Hall [3.4 mi] [5.47 km]
  • Central Utilities [3.44 mi] [5.54 km]
  • Service Building [3.5 mi] [5.63 km]
  • General Supply Building [3.56 mi] [5.72 km]
  • Ronald McDonald House [3.85 mi] [6.2 km]
  • Midwest Dermatology Clinic [1.89 mi] [3.04 km]
  • Security Building [3.61 mi] [5.81 km]
  • Student Life Center [3.65 mi] [5.87 km]
  • Specialty Services Pavilion [3.39 mi] [5.46 km]
  • Bennett Hall [3.49 mi] [5.62 km]
  • Computing Services Building [3.53 mi] [5.68 km]
  • Fox Plaza Dental Center [1.2 mi] [1.93 km]
  • Wittson Hall [3.48 mi] [5.61 km]
  • College of Pharmacy [3.53 mi] [5.67 km]
  • Leon S McGoogan Library of Medicine [3.46 mi] [5.56 km]
  • University Geriatric Center [3.24 mi] [5.21 km]
  • Swanson Hall [3.31 mi] [5.32 km]
  • College of Nursing [3.52 mi] [5.66 km]
  • Potters House [3.83 mi] [6.17 km]
  • Eppley Cancer Institute [3.43 mi] [5.52 km]
  • Eppley Science Hall [3.44 mi] [5.54 km]
  • Poynter Hall [3.46 mi] [5.57 km]
  • University Medical Associates Eye Specialties Center [3.66 mi] [5.89 km]
  • Alumni House [3.8 mi] [6.12 km]
  • Social Work Building [1.56 mi] [2.51 km]
  • Central Utilities Plant [1.75 mi] [2.81 km]
  • Munroe-Meyer Institute [3.31 mi] [5.33 km]
  • Administration Center [3.58 mi] [5.76 km]
  • Health Physical Education and Recreation Building [1.82 mi] [2.93 km]
  • Facilities Management and Planning Building [1.46 mi] [2.36 km]
  • Criminal Justice Building [1.58 mi] [2.55 km]
  • Sculpture/Ceramic Studio [1.69 mi] [2.72 km]
  • Custodial Services Building [1.46 mi] [2.34 km]
  • Goodrich Program Building [1.55 mi] [2.5 km]
  • Kiewit Tower [3.36 mi] [5.4 km]
  • Essex Dental Associates Center [1.75 mi] [2.82 km]
  • Lee and Helene Sapp Fieldhouse [1.79 mi] [2.88 km]
  • Headache Clinic [3.41 mi] [5.49 km]
  • Wound Healing Center [3.41 mi] [5.49 km]
  • Midwest Urology Associates PC Center [3.41 mi] [5.49 km]
  • Pacemaker Clinic [3.41 mi] [5.49 km]
  • Army ROTC Building [1.52 mi] [2.45 km]


  • Holy Sepulchre Cemetery [2.9 mi] [4.67 km]


  • Countryside Community Church [1.21 mi] [1.94 km]
  • Pacific Hills Lutheran Church [1.2 mi] [1.94 km]
  • Sunset Hills Baptist Church [1.44 mi] [2.33 km]
  • Saint Robert Bellarmine Church [3.15 mi] [5.07 km]
  • Saint Andrews Eqiscopal Church [1.05 mi] [1.69 km]
  • Mount Calvary Lutheran Church [2.38 mi] [3.82 km]
  • Central Presbyterian Church [2.4 mi] [3.85 km]
  • Fellowship Church [3.82 mi] [6.14 km]
  • Christ the King Church [0.72 mi] [1.16 km]
  • Pella Lutheran Church [3.55 mi] [5.72 km]


  • Interchange 2 [2.52 mi] [4.05 km]


  • Lindenwood Nursing Home [3.68 mi] [5.92 km]
  • Lied Transplant Center [3.43 mi] [5.53 km]
  • University Hospital [3.4 mi] [5.47 km]
  • Durham Outpatient Center [3.34 mi] [5.38 km]
  • Mid America Care Center [1.21 mi] [1.95 km]
  • The Nebraska Medical Center [3.4 mi] [5.47 km]
  • Clarkson Hospital [3.35 mi] [5.38 km]
  • Plastic Surgical Center PC [3.41 mi] [5.49 km]


  • One Pacific Place Shopping Center [1.95 mi] [3.14 km]
  • Countryside Village Shopping Center [1.12 mi] [1.8 km]
  • Elmwood Park Golf Course [2.1 mi] [3.39 km]
  • Plaza Seventy-Two [1.14 mi] [1.83 km]


  • Cancer Survivors Park [2.08 mi] [3.35 km]
  • Young Park [1.74 mi] [2.8 km]
  • Elmwood Park [1.9 mi] [3.06 km]
  • Myott Park [2.78 mi] [4.48 km]
  • Regency Park [1.35 mi] [2.18 km]
  • Al Caniglia Field [1.88 mi] [3.03 km]
  • Lamp Park [2.37 mi] [3.82 km]
  • Meadow Lane Park [2.65 mi] [4.27 km]
  • West Fairacres Park [3.15 mi] [5.07 km]


  • Lake Regency [2.08 mi] [3.35 km]


  • Westside High School [1.22 mi] [1.96 km]
  • Loveland School [1.13 mi] [1.82 km]
  • School Number 60 [3.68 mi] [5.93 km]
  • Mid-America Montessori Teachers Training Institute [2.26 mi] [3.64 km]
  • Emma Kopecky Elementary Day School [2.31 mi] [3.71 km]
  • Saint Robert Bellarmine Elementary School [3.18 mi] [5.12 km]
  • Washington School [2.46 mi] [3.96 km]
  • Washington School [2.44 mi] [3.93 km]
  • Christ the King School [1 mi] [1.6 km]
  • Mount Calvary Lutheran Elementary School [2.76 mi] [4.45 km]
  • Crestridge Magnet Center [2.88 mi] [4.63 km]
  • Saint Joseph Academy [3.66 mi] [5.89 km]
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center [3.46 mi] [5.56 km]
  • Carl A Swanson Elementary School [0.62 mi] [0.99 km]
  • Columbian Elementary School [3.67 mi] [5.9 km]
  • Xenon International School of Hair Design [0.69 mi] [1.1 km]
  • Dr J P Lord School for the Physically and Mentally Handicapped [3.3 mi] [5.31 km]
  • J P Lord Elementary School [3.33 mi] [5.36 km]
  • Parrish Study Center [3.24 mi] [5.21 km]

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Current weather situation in the Omaha city

City Alias ZIP Codes
Offutt A F BOmaha68113
Omaha1st National Bank Of Omaha68197
OmahaAir Mail Facility68119
OmahaBar Code68172
OmahaBlue Cross Blue Shield68180
OmahaBusiness Reply68172
OmahaCreighton Univ68178
OmahaFlorence68152, 68112
OmahaLa Vista68138
OmahaMillard68144, 68145
OmahaMutual Of Omaha68175
OmahaOmaha68198, 68152, 68145, 68144, 68142, 68139, 68154, 68155, 68157, 68179, 68178, 68176, 68175, 68182, 68183, 68172, 68164, 68197, 68180, 68138, 68137, 68116, 68114, 68112, 68111, 68110, 68109, 68108, 68107, 68106, 68105, 68104, 68103, 68102, 68101, 68117, 68118, 68136, 68135, 68134, 68132, 68131, 68130, 68127, 68120, 68119, 68124, 68122
OmahaOmaha Douglas Civic Ctr68183
OmahaUn Med Center68198
OmahaUnion Pacific Rr68179
OmahaUniv Of Ne Med Center68198
OmahaUniv Of Neb At Omaha68182
OmahaUniversity Of Nebraska Medic68198
OmahaWells Fargo68176
PapillionOmaha68133, 68046

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