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Guaraguao barrio, Guaraguao barrio, Ponce Municipio, Puerto Rico, USA

Guaraguao barrio, Puerto Rico
- Total:1.117 (2010)
- Density:223,4/sq mi (101,5/sq km)
- Total:5 sq mi (12 sq km)
- Land:5 sq mi (11 sq km)
- Water:1 sq mi (1 sq km)
- % water:8,33 %

Guaraguao barrio represents an area within the Guaraguao barrio subdivision of the Ponce Municipio (Puerto Rico), which is not part of any official city, town or other place of the Guaraguao barrio subdivision. This area is populated by approximatelly 1.117 people and occupies the area of 5 square miles - 1 square miles represent water areas. Racial makeup of the population is : White (89.08%), Black or African American (4.39%) and Some Other Race (3.76%). The male part of the population has a median age of 35 and the “median female” is 35 years old.

Statistical data for the Guaraguao barrio based on the 2010 U.S. Census

Racial makeup

White alone
99589.08 %
Black or African American alone
494.39 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
00.00 %
Asian alone
10.09 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
00.00 %
Some Other Race alone
423.76 %
Two or More races
302.69 %

Statistical data for the Guaraguao barrio

Data Source : US Census Bureau

Racial makeup

White alone
99589.08 %
Black or African American alone
494.39 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
00.00 %
Asian alone
10.09 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
00.00 %
Some Other Race alone
423.76 %
Two or More races
302.69 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin

Not Hispanic or Latino
80.72 %
Hispanic or Latino
1,10999.28 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin by Race

Not Hispanic or Latino
80.72 %
White alone
787.50 %
Black or African American alone
112.50 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
00.00 %
Asian alone
00.00 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
00.00 %
Some Other Race alone
00.00 %
Two or More races
00.00 %
Hispanic or Latino
1,10999.28 %
White alone
98889.09 %
Black or African American alone
484.33 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
00.00 %
Asian alone
10.09 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
00.00 %
Some Other Race alone
423.79 %
Two or More races
302.71 %

Median Age by Sex

Both sexes

Household Type

Family households
29678.31 %
Husband-wife family
19465.54 %
Other family
10234.46 %
Male householder, no wife present
3433.33 %
Female householder, no husband present
6866.67 %
Nonfamily households
8221.69 %
Householder living alone
7287.80 %
Householder not living alone
1012.20 %

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Current weather situation in the Guaraguao barrio

City Alias ZIP Codes
Coto LaurelBo Verdum00780
Coto LaurelBrisas Del Lago00780
Coto LaurelBrisas Del Laurel00780
Coto LaurelCoto Laurel00780
Coto LaurelEst Del Laurel00780
Coto LaurelExt Lago Horizonte00780
Coto LaurelHaciendas Del Monte00780
Coto LaurelMans Del Sur00780
Coto LaurelMans Real00780
Coto LaurelPonce00780
Coto LaurelURB El Laurel00780
Coto LaurelURB Lago Horizonte00780
Coto LaurelURB Laurel Sur00780
Coto LaurelURB Llanos Del Sur00780
Coto LaurelURB Santa Rita00780
Coto LaurelURB Santa Rita 200780
Coto LaurelURB Santa Rita 300780
Coto LaurelURB Sombras Del Real00780
Coto LaurelVillas Del Laurel 100780
Coto LaurelVillas Del Laurel 200780
Coto LaurelVillas Del Turey00780
MerceditaBo Calzada00715
MerceditaBo La Cuarta00715
MerceditaBrisas De Maravilla00715
MerceditaCentral Mercedita00715
PonceAlt Del Madrigal00730
PonceBda Baldorioty00728
PonceBda Belgica00717
PonceBda Borinquen00730
PonceBda Clausells00730
PonceBda Ferran00730
PonceBda Mariani00717
PonceBda Salazar00717
PonceBda Santa Rosa00717
PonceBda Tamarindo00730
PonceBo Bucana00716
PonceBo Campo Alegre00716
PonceBo Caracoles00717
PonceBo Cuatro Calles00717
PonceBo La Ponderosa00730
PonceBo Magueyes00730, 00728
PonceBo Pueblito Nuevo00730
PonceBo Sabanetas00716
PonceBo San Anton00717
PonceBo Tamarindo00730
PonceBo Tenerias00716
PonceBosque Senorial00728
PonceBrisas Del Mar00728
PonceComunidad Playita Ferry00730
PonceComunidad Punta Diamante00728
PonceComunidad Tabaiba00716
PonceEst Del Carmen00716
PonceEst Del Golf Club00730
PonceExt Alhambra00716
PonceExt Alta Vista00716
PonceExt El Madrigal00730
PonceExt Jard Del Caribe00728
PonceExt La Guadalupe00730
PonceExt Las Delicias 200728
PonceExt Punto Oro00728
PonceExt Qtas De Monserrate00730
PonceExt Salazar00717
PonceExt Santa Teresita00730
PonceExt Valle Alto00730
PonceExt Villa Del Carmen00716
PonceExt Villa Paraiso00728
PonceHacienda La Matilde00728
PonceHacienda Las Lomas00728
PonceJard Alhambra00716
PonceJard De Ponce00730
PonceJard Del Caribe00728
PonceJard Del Caribe 500728
PonceJard Fagot00716
PonceLomas De Country Club00730
PonceParc Amalia Marin00716
PonceParc El Tuque00728
PonceParc Magueyes00728
PonceParc Nueva Vida00728
PonceParc Nuevas Magueyes00728
PonceParc Quebrada Limon00728
PonceParc Sabanetas00716
PonceParq Del Rio00716
PoncePonce00730, 00734, 00731, 00733, 00732, 00716, 00728, 00717
PonceQtas De Monserrate00730
PonceQtas Del Sur00728
PonceRepto Anaida00716
PonceRepto Sabanetas00716
PonceRepto Universitario00717
PonceRes Canas Housing00728
PonceRes Perla Del Bucana00728
PonceSect Clausell00730
PonceSect La Cotorra00728
PonceSect La Ponderosa00730
PonceSect Las Batatas00728
PonceSect Las Canitas00730
PonceSect Las Cucharas00728
PonceSect Los Potes00716
PonceSect Playita00716, 00728, 00730
PonceSect Salistral00716
PonceURB Alhambra00716
PonceURB Alhambra Ct00716
PonceURB Alta Vista00716
PonceURB Anaida00716
PonceURB Baldorioty00728
PonceURB Baramaya00728
PonceURB Bella Vista00716
PonceURB Bello Horizonte00728
PonceURB Buena Vista00717
PonceURB Camino Del Sur00716
PonceURB Canas00728
PonceURB Casa Mia00728
PonceURB Constancia00717
PonceURB Constancia Gdns00717
PonceURB Costa Caribe00716
PonceURB Costa Sabana00716
PonceURB El Bosque00717
PonceURB El Madrigal00730
PonceURB El Monte00716
PonceURB Ferry Barranca00730
PonceURB Flamboyanes00716
PonceURB Glenview Gdns00730
PonceURB Jacaranda00730
PonceURB Jaime L Drew00730
PonceURB La Guadalupe00730
PonceURB La Lula00730
PonceURB La Providencia00728
PonceURB La Rambla00730
PonceURB Las Delicias00728
PonceURB Las Margaritas00728
PonceURB Las Monjitas00730, 00716
PonceURB Lirios Del Sur00716
PonceURB Los Almendros00716
PonceURB Los Caobos00716
PonceURB Los Maestros00717
PonceURB Mariani00717
PonceURB Mercedita00717
PonceURB Morell Campos00728, 00730
PonceURB Nuevo Mameyes00730
PonceURB Patio Laboy00717
PonceURB Perla Del Sur00717
PonceURB Punto Oro00728
PonceURB Riberas De Bucana00731
PonceURB Rio Canas00728
PonceURB Sagrado Corazon00716
PonceURB San Antonio00717, 00728
PonceURB San Jorge00717
PonceURB San Jose00728
PonceURB San Tomas00716
PonceURB Santa Clara00716
PonceURB Santa Maria00717
PonceURB Santa Teresita00730
PonceURB Starlight00717
PonceURB Terra Senorial00731
PonceURB Tibes00730
PonceValle Altamira00728
PonceValle Alto00730
PonceValle De Andalucia00728
PonceValle Del Rey00728
PonceValle Real00716
PonceValle Verde00716
PonceVilla De Juan00716
PonceVilla Del Carmen00716
PonceVilla Del Sagrado Corazon00716
PonceVilla Delicias00728
PonceVilla Dos Rios00730
PonceVilla Esperanza00716
PonceVilla Flores00716
PonceVilla Grillasca00717
PonceVilla Pampanos00716
PonceVilla Paraiso00728
PonceVilla Rio Canas00728
PonceVilla Tabaiba00716
PonceVista Alegre00717
PonceVista Point00716
PonceVistas Del Mar00716

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