San Juan zona urbana (part), Puerto Rico state, USA

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San Juan zona urbana (part), Monacillo Urbano barrio, San Juan Municipio, Puerto Rico, USA

San Juan zona urbana (part), Puerto Rico
Nickname(s):La Ciudad Amurallada (The Walled City), Ciudad Capital (Capital City)
- Total:22.342 (2010)
- Density:5.585,5/sq mi (2.482,4/sq km)
Area code(s):787, 939
Time zone:AST (UTC-4)
- Total:4 sq mi (10 sq km)
- Land:4 sq mi (9 sq km)
- Water:1 sq mi (1 sq km)
- % water:10,00 %

San Juan zona urbana (part) is located in the state of Puerto Rico. It occupies the area of 4 square miles. 1 square miles are water areas and 4 square miles remain for land areas. Center of the San Juan zona urbana (part) lies at +18.3801217, -066.0812355 coordinates. According to the 2010 Census, there are 22.342 living in the San Juan zona urbana (part). The racial makeup shows these 3 races as the most frequent : White (75.78%), Black or African American (13.2%) and Some Other Race (5.67%). Median age is 36 for the males and 43 for the females.

Statistical data for the San Juan zona urbana (part) based on the 2010 U.S. Census

Racial makeup

White alone
16,93075.78 %
Black or African American alone
2,95013.20 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
850.38 %
Asian alone
430.19 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
80.04 %
Some Other Race alone
1,2675.67 %
Two or More races
1,0594.74 %

Statistical data for the San Juan zona urbana (part)

Data Source : US Census Bureau

Racial makeup

White alone
16,93075.78 %
Black or African American alone
2,95013.20 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
850.38 %
Asian alone
430.19 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
80.04 %
Some Other Race alone
1,2675.67 %
Two or More races
1,0594.74 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin

Not Hispanic or Latino
3701.66 %
Hispanic or Latino
21,97298.34 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin by Race

Not Hispanic or Latino
3701.66 %
White alone
29479.46 %
Black or African American alone
349.19 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
00.00 %
Asian alone
287.57 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
00.00 %
Some Other Race alone
30.81 %
Two or More races
112.97 %
Hispanic or Latino
21,97298.34 %
White alone
16,63675.71 %
Black or African American alone
2,91613.27 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
850.39 %
Asian alone
150.07 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
80.04 %
Some Other Race alone
1,2645.75 %
Two or More races
1,0484.77 %

Median Age by Sex

Both sexes

Household Type

Family households
6,18968.93 %
Husband-wife family
3,31353.53 %
Other family
2,87646.47 %
Male householder, no wife present
38013.21 %
Female householder, no husband present
2,49686.79 %
Nonfamily households
2,79031.07 %
Householder living alone
2,44287.53 %
Householder not living alone
34812.47 %

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Current weather situation in the San Juan zona urbana (part)

City Alias ZIP Codes
San Juan65th Infantry00923, 00929, 00936, 00924
San JuanAlt De Berwind00924
San JuanAlts De Borinquen Gdns00926
San JuanAlts Del Remanso00926
San JuanBarrio Obrero00915, 00916, 00936
San JuanBda Bitumul00917
San JuanBda Blondet00925
San JuanBda Buena Vista00915, 00917
San JuanBda El Polvorin00924
San JuanBda Figueroa00907
San JuanBda Hernandez00924
San JuanBda Israel00917
San JuanBda Las Monjas00917
San JuanBda Santo Domingo00924
San JuanBda Tokio00918
San JuanBda Villamil00927
San JuanBda Vista Alegre00926
San JuanBechara Ind Park00920
San JuanBo Buen Consejo00926
San JuanBo Canejas00926
San JuanBo Capetillo00923
San JuanBo Carraizo00926
San JuanBo Dulce00926
San JuanBo Obrero00915
San JuanBo Quebrada Arena00926
San JuanBo Tortugo00926
San JuanBo Venezuela00926
San JuanBureau Of Census00975
San JuanCamino Del Bosque00926
San JuanCaparra00936, 00920, 00922
San JuanCaparra Heights00921, 00936, 00922, 00920
San JuanCaparra Hills00920, 00922
San JuanCaparra Ter00922, 00920
San JuanCaparra Terrace00922, 00920
San JuanCentro Medico Metropolitano00935
San JuanCiudad Central I00924
San JuanCiudad Senorial00926
San JuanColinas De Cupey00926
San JuanColinas De Monte Carlo00924
San JuanColinas Verde00924
San JuanCollege Park00921
San JuanCondado00907
San JuanCupey00936, 00926
San JuanEst De San Geraldo00926
San JuanExt Alameda00926
San JuanExt Colinas Verde00924
San JuanExt Mans De Vilanova00926
San JuanExt Milaville00926
San JuanExt Roosevelt00918
San JuanExt Santa Maria00927
San JuanExt Town Park00924
San JuanFdez Juncos00910, 00909
San JuanFernandez Juncos00910, 00909
San JuanFort Buchanan00936, 00920, 00922, 00921
San JuanGPO00936
San JuanGuaynabo00922, 00920
San JuanHacienda De Carraizo00926
San JuanHato Rey00919, 00917
San JuanInd Victor Fernandez00926
San JuanIsla Verde00913
San JuanJard Botanico Sur00926
San JuanJard De Caldas00926
San JuanJard De Vedruna00927
San JuanJard Metropolitano00927
San JuanLoiza Street00914, 00911, 00936
San JuanMans Colinas De Cupey00926
San JuanMans De Caldas00926
San JuanMans De Park Gdns00926
San JuanMans De Rio Piedras00926
San JuanMans De Romany00926
San JuanMans De San Martin00924
San JuanMans De Villanova00926
San JuanMario Julia Ind Park00920
San JuanMinillas00909, 00940, 00936
San JuanMiramar00907
San JuanMonterrey Ind Park00920
San JuanOld San Juan00902, 00936, 00901
San JuanParc Falu00924
San JuanParc Hill Brothers00924
San JuanParq Central00918
San JuanParq De San Ignacio00921
San JuanParq De Santa Maria00927
San JuanParq Senorial00926
San JuanPaseo Alto00926
San JuanPaseo De La Fuente00926
San JuanPaseo Del Parque00926
San JuanPaseo Del Prado00926
San JuanPaseo Las Brisas00926
San JuanPaseo Las Vistas00926
San JuanPaseo Mayor00926
San JuanPaseo Real00926
San JuanPaseo San Juan00926
San JuanPta De Tierra00906
San JuanPto Nuevo00921, 00920
San JuanPuerta De Tierra00906
San JuanPuerto Nuevo00920, 00921
San JuanQtas De Cupey00926
San JuanRepto America00923
San JuanRepto Contemporaneo00926
San JuanRepto De Diego00926
San JuanRepto Landrau00921
San JuanRepto Metropolitano00921
San JuanRepto Oyola00926
San JuanRepto San Jose00923
San JuanRepto Universitario00926
San JuanRepto Veterano00926
San JuanRio Piedras00925, 00936, 00929, 00926, 00921, 00928, 00931, 00920, 00927, 00930, 00924
San JuanSan Jose00930, 00936
San JuanSan Juan00940, 00937, 00955, 00927, 00925, 00931, 00930, 00935, 00933, 00929, 00928, 00926, 00936, 00975, 00939, 00910, 00916, 00908, 00919, 00915, 00909, 00913, 00921, 00924, 00912, 00917, 00907, 00918, 00922, 00914, 00901, 00923, 00911, 00902, 00920, 00906
San JuanSan Miguel Ind Park00920
San JuanSanturce00911, 00908, 00912, 00915, 00913, 00914, 00909, 00936, 00916, 00940, 00907
San JuanSanturce Station00936, 00908
San JuanSect Betancourt00926
San JuanSect Cantera00915
San JuanSect El Relincho00917
San JuanSect Hoyo00926
San JuanSect La Corte00926
San JuanSect La Marina00926
San JuanSect La Playita00915
San JuanSect Los Penas00924
San JuanSect Paracochero00926
San JuanUnique Brm00939
San JuanUniversity Station00925
San JuanURB Alamein00926
San JuanURB Altamesa00921
San JuanURB Altamira00920
San JuanURB Antonsanti00927
San JuanURB Baldrich00918
San JuanURB Belisa00927
San JuanURB Berwind Est00924
San JuanURB Beverly Hills Ct00926
San JuanURB Borinquen Gdns00926
San JuanURB Cabrera00925
San JuanURB Caldas00926
San JuanURB Cambridge Park00926
San JuanURB Caparra Hts00920
San JuanURB Caparra Terr00921
San JuanURB Caribe00926, 00927
San JuanURB Carmen Hls00926
San JuanURB Casas Yoyo00923
San JuanURB Club Manor00924
San JuanURB College Park Iv00921
San JuanURB Coop V Borinquen00921
San JuanURB Country Club00924
San JuanURB Crown Hls00926
San JuanURB Cupey Gdns00926
San JuanURB Davila & Llenza00917
San JuanURB Del Carmen00923
San JuanURB Delicias00924
San JuanURB Dos Pinos00923
San JuanURB Dos Pinos Townhouse00923
San JuanURB El Cemi00924
San JuanURB El Cerezal00926
San JuanURB El Comandante00924
San JuanURB El Dorado00926
San JuanURB El Escorial00926
San JuanURB El Mirador00926
San JuanURB El Mirador De Cupey00926
San JuanURB El Paraiso00926
San JuanURB El Pilar00926
San JuanURB El Prado00917
San JuanURB El Remanso00926
San JuanURB El Senorial00926
San JuanURB El Vedado00918
San JuanURB El Vigia00926
San JuanURB Embalse San Jose00923
San JuanURB Experimental00926
San JuanURB Fairview00926
San JuanURB Floral Park00917
San JuanURB Garcia00926
San JuanURB Gonzalez00925
San JuanURB Gonzalez Seijo00924
San JuanURB Highland Pk00924
San JuanURB Hill Mansions00926
San JuanURB Hillside00926
San JuanURB Hipodromo00909
San JuanURB Hollywood Est00926
San JuanURB Horizons00926
San JuanURB Hucares00926
San JuanURB Hyde Pk00918, 00927
San JuanURB Jb Huyke00918
San JuanURB La Alameda00926
San JuanURB La Alborada00926
San JuanURB La Campina00926
San JuanURB La Cumbre00926
San JuanURB La Riviera00921
San JuanURB La Riviera Ind Park00921
San JuanURB La Sierra Alta00926
San JuanURB La Utt00926
San JuanURB La Vista00924
San JuanURB Laderas De Palma Real00926
San JuanURB Laderas De San Juan00926
San JuanURB Las Americas00921
San JuanURB Las Lomas00921
San JuanURB Las Rosas00926
San JuanURB Las Virtudes00924
San JuanURB Litheda Hts00926
San JuanURB Los Adoquines00926
San JuanURB Los Campos Montehiedra00926
San JuanURB Los Cantizales00926
San JuanURB Los Ingenieros00918
San JuanURB Los Maestros00923, 00918
San JuanURB Luarca00924
San JuanURB Luna Llena00926
San JuanURB Matienzo Cintron00923
San JuanURB Milaville00926
San JuanURB Mirador De Borinquen Gdn00926
San JuanURB Monte Apolo Est00926
San JuanURB Monte Carlo00924
San JuanURB Monte Verde Real00926
San JuanURB Montehiedra00926
San JuanURB Monterey00926
San JuanURB Monteverde00926
San JuanURB Open Land00923
San JuanURB Park Gdns00926
San JuanURB Park Gdns Townhouses00926
San JuanURB Perez Morris00917
San JuanURB Pinero00917
San JuanURB Portal De Los Pinos00926
San JuanURB Puerto Nuevo00921, 00920
San JuanURB Purple Tree00926
San JuanURB Quintana00917
San JuanURB Riberas Del Senorial00926
San JuanURB Rio Piedras Hts00926
San JuanURB Rivieras De Cupey00926
San JuanURB Romany Gdns00926
San JuanURB Romany Pk00926
San JuanURB Romany Pk Ii00926
San JuanURB Roosevelt00918
San JuanURB Roseville00926
San JuanURB Sabana Llana00924
San JuanURB Sagrado Corazon00926
San JuanURB San Agustin00926, 00923
San JuanURB San Francisco00927
San JuanURB San Gerardo00926
San JuanURB San Ignacio00927
San JuanURB San Jose00923
San JuanURB San Jose Ind00926
San JuanURB San Juan Gdns00926
San JuanURB San Martin00924
San JuanURB San Patricio00920
San JuanURB Santa Ana00927
San JuanURB Santa Barbara00923
San JuanURB Santa Maria00927
San JuanURB Santa Rita00925
San JuanURB Santiago Iglesias00921
San JuanURB Sevilla00924
San JuanURB Summit Hls00920
San JuanURB Town Pk00924
San JuanURB Tulipan00926
San JuanURB Umpierre00917
San JuanURB University Gdns00927
San JuanURB Valencia00923
San JuanURB Venus Gdns00926
San JuanURB Venus Gdns Norte00926
San JuanURB Venus Gdns Oeste00926
San JuanURB Victoria00923
San JuanURB Vosburg00924
San JuanValle Sereno00926
San JuanValle Universitario00923
San JuanViejo San Juan00901, 00902
San JuanViejo Sn Juan00901, 00902
San JuanVilla Andalucia00926
San JuanVilla Borinquen00920
San JuanVilla Capri00924
San JuanVilla Colinas De Cupey00926
San JuanVilla Dagmarita00926
San JuanVilla Dos Pinos00923
San JuanVilla El Salvador00921
San JuanVilla Granada00923
San JuanVilla Hucar00926
San JuanVilla Los Olmos00927
San JuanVilla Magna00921
San JuanVilla Navarra00924
San JuanVilla Nevarez00927
San JuanVilla Olga00926
San JuanVilla Olimpica00924
San JuanVilla Pica00918
San JuanVilla Prades00924
San JuanVilla Rosales00924
San JuanVillas De Carraizo00926
San JuanVillas De Cupey00926
San JuanVillas De Palma Real00927
San JuanVillas De Parana00926
San JuanVillas De San Francisco00927
San JuanVillas De San Ignacio00927
San JuanVillas Del Este00926
San JuanVillas Del Pilar00926
San JuanVista Alegre00926
San JuanVista Del Atlantico00924
San JuanVista Del Cano00923

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